What Are the Latest Snapchat Trends, and How to Leverage them For Your Business?

With a large base of active daily users globallySnapchat remains a prominent player in the ephemeral content market. Although, Snapchat is considered a platform with a loyal following among millenials and Gen Z, older generations are beginning to join in the fun as well. Snapchat may be a fantastic tool for marketing to the 15 to 25 age group in society as it comprises 48% of Snapchat users.

June 15, 2024

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Snapchat latest trends to leverage for your business

Staying current with the latest trends is vital for your business to capture the attention of your potential customers. Snapchat is an attention capturing platform, as it is always at the forefront of innovative trends.

Snapchat is among the top 15 social media platforms. It has 383 million DAUs (daily active users) on average. If you have a proper social media strategy, they are the potential customers for businesses like yours.

Are you a Snapchat user and ready to explore the latest Snapchat trends? With Snapchatyou can market your brand and take your business to the next level.

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Snapchat latest trends to leverage for your business

Snapchat maintains its relevance and appeal among younger generations in the constantly changing social media landscape—making it a powerful tool for businesses to interact with their target demographics. 

New trends on Snapchat have evolved, providing creative chances for businesses to interact with, captivate, and convert potential clients. 

We will explore the most recent Snapchat trends in this blog article and offer tips on how to use them effectively for your business.

Filters and lenses for augmented reality (AR)

Although Snapchat’s augmented reality filters and lenses have long been a mainstay of the app—substantial improvements have been made recently. More interactive, inventive, and fascinating than ever before are the most recent AR filters and lenses. 

The core value proposition of Snapchat’s use of augmented reality (AR) and lens studio is a collection of in-app AR software tools. Businesses will profit from this trend by developing branded lenses and filters that complement their products and services.

How to leverage AR lenses and filters

Branding—Create unique filters and lenses that feature your company’s name, colors, and messaging. Users are more likely to share their experiences with your branded content as a result—which not only increases brand recognition.

Product demonstrations—Use interactive AR filters or lenses to showcase your items and let users visually test them out. This engaging experience may spark attention and boost conversion rates.

Sponsored filters—To reach a larger audience, think about investing in sponsored filters and lenses. To guarantee that the proper audience sees your content, Snapchat provides a variety of targeting choices.

Content for vertical videos

Because consumers typically hold and use their smartphones in a vertical orientation, vertical films have become a dominating format on Snapchat. Businesses must modify their content creation strategies as more people desire to consume content in a vertical manner.

How to leverage vertical video content

Telling stories—Use vertical video to convey engrossing tales about your company, its goods, or its services. To keep visitors’ attention, keep the information brief, interesting, and aesthetically attractive.

Behind-the-scenes—Showcase the people, procedures, and culture that give your brand its distinct identity by taking users inside your company. This strategy fosters honesty and trust with your audience.

User-generated content (UGC)—Inspire people to produce and distribute vertical movies that highlight your merchandise or make use of your company’s logoed filters. UGC enhances brand loyalty and develops a feeling of community.

Discover and snap original content

As more users utilise the platform for entertainment, Snapchat’s original content, branded as Snap originals, and material available on ‘discover’ have grown in popularity. By producing sponsored content or collaborating with Snap originals to reach a wider audience, businesses can capitalize on this trend.

How to leverage Snap originals and find content

Sponsored content—Work with Snap originals to develop branded material that complements the concept of the show and appeals to the intended demographic.

Native marketing—Create aesthetically appealing and captivating advertisements that complement discover’s content. Native advertising increases the likelihood of user involvement since it feels less obtrusive and more natural.

Discover and snap original content

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a key component of Snapchat’s strategy, just like other social media platforms. Working with influencers may help businesses grow their reputation and reach, especially with younger audiences.

How to leverage influencer marketing

Find the right influencers—Work with those whose content is relevant to your industry and target market. Authenticity is necessary for developing relationships of trust and depth.

Product evaluations and demos—Use Snapchat Stories or Snaps to ask influencers for genuine product evaluations and product demos. This tactic increases conversion rates and lends a personal touch to your brand.

Influence takeovers—Give influencers a day’s worth of access to your Snapchat account so they can create original content and engage with your audience.

The final thought

Businesses have various opportunities to interact with their consumers, increase brand awareness, and increase sales thanks to the most recent Snapchat trends. Using AR filters and lenses, vertical video content, Snap originals and discover, and influencer marketing, businesses can stay current in the constantly evolving world of social media marketing. Adopt these trends—retain your inventiveness—and always put the requirements of your audience first if you want your brand to have long-lasting success on Snapchat.

While Snapchat is a useful tool—it must be included in your overall marketing strategy and matched with your business’s goals to to achieve long-term success. 

Happy Snapping!

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