How to check your organic rankings, and what are some of the best SEO reporting tools?

Organic rankings are search engine results that are not influenced by sponsored advertising. These rankings stand out above other search engine results like ads, shopping results or CPC (cost per click).

April 17, 2024

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How to check your organic rankings

Monitoring your website’s organic rankings helps you know how well your site is performing in the organic search results. You will be able to see your site’s organic traffic in your Google Analytics dashboard. You can see the analysis when people search for specific keywords related to your business and click through your site.

To achieve your business objectivesyou must have some ranking reporting software for assessing your SEO’s key performance indicators. This will help you to evaluate and track your SEO performance. 

Let us walk you through some of the best SEO tracking tools, as choosing the one for your business needs will be challenging. These tools will help you monitor your organic rank, track your SEO performance, and refine it.

9 Best SEO reporting tools

While there are several SEO reporting toolshere are the best on the market: 

1. Google Analytics

Having a wide range of SEO ranking reporting software, Google has a paid version for optimal use. Still, the free version of Google Analytics will assist you in managing your SEO reporting features effectively.

Digital marketers, experienced or new, can add automated reporting or custom dashboards to access reports, including real-time activity monitoring, acquisition, audience reporting, behaviour, and other customized reporting features. Google Analytics is a robust tool to start with, as you can access it for free.

Google Analytics helps you to understand and improve your SEO by:

  • Filtering the fake traffic that can potentially ruin your SEO reports
  • Differentiating between organic and non-organic traffic 
  • Determining engagement metrics on web pages
  • Identifying the multi-channels that lead to most conversion 

Pricing of Google Analytics:

  • A Free version
  • Paid version goes for Paid $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year, as it additionally offers advanced analytics such as attribution modeling, data-driven capabilities and integration.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful SEO reporting tool used to analyze important marketing data. SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool kit covering all SEO, site audits, analytical reporting as a single toolset, link building with various insights and reports on SEO, keyword research, campaign management, and more.  

SEMrush can provide complete reports on domains’ overall and individual performance. This toolkit enables you to track a website’s exposure over time and identify the keywords it ranks for, the pages that rank for a keyword, the monthly keywords’ search traffic, and other information.

SEMrush is considered one of the three top-ranking reporting software. It has more features than other tools and allows users to create aesthetically appealing and customized PDF reports. The tool offers the opportunity to generate unique reports from scratch or utilize templates to quickly and easily assemble a report. Once the reports are generated, you can schedule them to be sent to your team or clients regularly to deliver updates and information whenever needed. 

The price levels of SEMrush are:

  • $119.95/month for the Pro plan
  • $229.95/month for the Guru plan 
  • $449.95/month for the Business plan.

3. Ahrefs

With the great features that Ahrefs offers, digital marketers can analyze the competition and make key campaigns successful. Offering advanced SEO analysis, it evaluates your website property and generates keyword, link, and ranking profiles. This feature of the tool will assist you to have better decisions making on your content.

Ahrefs offers great features that help with site auditing, regular SEO health monitoring, and the analysis of typical SEO challenges. In additionthis SEO reporting tool offers the following features:

  • Keywords ExplorerUsing this feature, you can generate reports on monthly search volume and click-through rates of specific keywords.
  • Site AuditCrawls specific domain verticals and identifies various technical faults at the page level.
  • Content ExplorerYou will be able to search pages that are high-performing under specific topics and keywords.


Ahrefs offer price plans that include:

  • $7 for a seven-day trial 
  • $99/ month for Lite
  • $179/month for Standard
  • $399/month for Advanced
  • $999/month for Agency.

4. SE Ranking

Many organizations believe that SE Ranking is one of the greatest SEO tools on the market and compare it to Semrush. This is due to your level of control over creating reports for clients.

SE Ranking is a one-stop SEO software that analyses website health and performance, as well as keyword ranks and traffic. It also gives you information about the competition, allowing you to grasp the SEO environment better and alter your marketing plan.

SE Ranking is an automated and readily customizable SEO reporting tool that comes with various pre-made templates. It is a drag-and-drop report generator that will demonstrate the performance of your website to clients to prove your marketing outcomes.

Price plans of SE Ranking are:

  • $39.20/month for Essential
  • $87.20/month for Pro
  • $191.20/month for Business.
SE Ranking

5. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a robust SEO ranking tool. It offers a user-friendly interface and well-to-do features that simplify the process of competitive analysis, keyword research, backlinks, search engine optimization and other metrics.

GrowthBar provides insights through simple and interactive dashboards that include data from Google Ads, keyword research and other sources to assist you in strategizing your SEO strategy. One of the best features of GrowthBar is its ability to provide real-time data and metrics directly in SERPs (search engine results pages).

In line with another amazing reporting tool called SpyFu, the platform allows you to run extensive statistics on any website’s domain authority, organic keywords, backlinks, and a lot more.

GrowthBar offers pricing plans that include:

  • $29/month for Standard 
  • $79/month for Pro
  • $129/month for Agency

6. Siteliner

Siteliner is an SEO reporting tool that scans websites to find duplicate content on sites to help SEO professionals and web admins. Users will easily be able to find duplicate content and help consolidate their content by allowing them to eliminate it. Elimination of duplicate content enhances visibility and improves user experience.

When a user inputs a domain name, Siteliner scans the site and delivers content information at the same time. Siteliner’s web crawler meets most SEO requirements.

With Siteliner, you will get insight into any possible search optimization concerns your website is experiencingyou won’t be able to automate custom reports or generate PDFs to share with your team. 

Siteliner also offers the following features for its users:

  • Provides a comprehensive report on broken links enabling users to fix them, if any
  • Detailed page analysis, like page load time and internal link structure.

Pricing of the Siteliner comprise:

  • The basic version of the tool is free upto 250 pages a month 
  • The premium option is also made affordable by allowing users up to 25,000 crawls without limitations on how often the analysis is run.

7. Agency Analytics

Check out Agency Analytics if you have an omnichannel digital marketing strategy. This powerful reporting tool offers you an ideal solution to align teams to develop tailored reports for your customers, providing a solution that can include over 70 third-party data integration choices. Agency Analytics has the ability to link to other leading tools such as Google Search Console and email marketing software.

This powerful tool tracks your performance in distinct categories, including: 

  • SEO reports
  • Call monitoring reports
  • Social reports
  • email marketing reports
  • eCommerce reports
  • PPC reports

There’s also the option of creating your customer portal where the clients can log in and see real-time data changes.

With Agency Analyticsyou will be able to perform end-to-end website audits, keep track of the performance of keywords, and analyze the outcomes of backlink connections. You also have the option to do weekly SEO website audits, which is a a great method to find any issues that are impeding your organic traffic acheivement. 

Pricing options include:

  • Freelancer: $10 per month/per client campaign
  • Agency: $15 per month/per client campaign
  • Enterprise: Tailored pricing for all the features of the Agency
Agency Analytics

8. Moz Pro

Moz can be a good option as an all-in-one reporting tool. It will help you determine the visibility of your site, its ranking and traffic. Moz’s research tools give subscribers the tools they need to uncover SEO prospects, measure progress, create reports, and optimize their efforts.

Whether you’re conducting a competition study or a rank-tracking reportthe tool comes with hundreds of templates to help you get started. You can also build bespoke reporting dashboards that can be automated to save time. 

With Moz Pro, you can get some basic SEO statistics as well as advanced functions such as site audits, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and keyword research. Moz Pro comes with a website crawler, which analyses up to 3,000 links on a particular URL. Moreover, it Includes crawl statistics for the pages to which your site connects.

Pricing of Moz Pro for different versions:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • $99/ month for Standard
  • $149/month for Medium
  • $249/month for Large
  • $599/month for Premium


9. KWFinder

Keyword Research, SERP research, rank monitoring, backlink analysis, and SEO analytics and insights are some of the interesting features of KWFinder. When all you need is keyword researchyou don’t always need an SEO tool with all those unwanted features. KWFinder is a robust tool that bridges the gap between copywriting and technical SEO. 

KWFinder is an SEO keyword tool that assists in the discovery of long-tail keywords with low competition. This tool assists in avoiding keywords that may provide SEO difficulties while leading the search towards words that are more likely to be effective in rank growth. 

What distinguishes KWFinder is the ease with which it switches between languages and regions, allowing you to serve your audience no matter where they are. It reduces keyword research to a local level, including nations, and regions, with over 40 language options to further refine localised findings.

Pricing of KWFinder:

  • 10-day free trial 
  • $29/month

Choosing the right SEO tool

There is a lot of choice in choosing the tool to grow your SEO. No matter which SEO reporting tool you pickyou must choose one that fits your budget and offers the solution your business needs to analyze. The tool must collect data on your ranking from search engines, track competitor performance, collect information on campaigns, serve error pages and more. Good luck!

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